Website consolidation and redesign





  • User research
  • UX Design / Strategy
  • UI Design
  • CX and Innovation
  • Front End Development

The client

Vanarama is an award-winning personal and commercial vehicle leasing company. Whether you're looking for your dream car, a new van for your business, or a pick-up truck... Vanarama has got you covered.

Vanarama is a leader in both UX/CX and technology. In 2020 Vanarama were awarded 5 Gold Awards and 1 Silver award in the UX CX Awards for 6 categories they entered, beating BT, Sky Bet, Virgin Money, Vauxhall, and Vitality.

The challenge

We need to combine 3 separate websites' content, user journeys, and products into a new, single experience.

As a multi-disciplined partner, our role was to deliver UX design, mock-ups, an atomic UI design system, and bespoke development. The rapid prototyping included:

  • 102 responsive pages designed and built atomically, rather than page-by-page
  • Code-first design approach for true representation and inclusion of accessibility, compatibility, and interactivity
  • Complete variable-driven consistency for every page, component, and element
  • Zero bottlenecks with parallel stakeholder review and developer handover

The project

Project outline

There were a number of important objectives our team had to keep in mind throughout this project:

  • Consolidate and combine 3 separate websites' content, user journeys, and products into a new, single proposition
  • Maintain a best-in-class user experience
  • Introduce new e-commerce functionality and page-flows
  • Retain and improve on both SEO and conversion
  • Deliver a design system to support a completely refreshed brand
  • Tight project timeline
Project outcome

Despite the challenge, as well as the difficulties introduced by the global pandemic, the team was able to both meet and exceed these objectives, launching a true digital transformation for Vanarama in March 2021.

  • Conversion rate target exceeded at launch
  • Highly successful multi-device user testing and feedback
  • Continued post-launch development
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